How to Choose the Right Lawnmower

You might look at a lawnmower and find it nice at the first instant but that doesn’t mean you should buy the first lawnmower that you come across.

You need to weigh the various pros and cons of a lawnmower before you select one for yourself. There are a lot of factors to take in before you fix one model for yourself.

Factors that you need to consider before buying a lawnmower:

1. Type of Lawn

One of the most important things to consider before you decide on your budget, brand and other stuff is the type of lawn that you possess. If your lawn is small or big, if it has hills and fences or if it is evened out and clear, all of these are deciding factors when buying a lawnmower. The geography of your lawn is one of the most important to consider when choosing the right lawn mower for yourself.

2. Type of Mower

The next thing to consider would be the type of mower that you would like to buy for your lawn. There are mainly three types of mowers: walk-behind mower, riding mowers, and tow-behind mowers.

A walk-behind mower is good for a smaller and average sized lawn and provides you with an eco-friendly and comfortable way to mow your lawn. They are available in many varieties like a reel, electric, cordless, or gas-powered.

If you are more of a lazy sort, then the perfect lawn mower for you would be the riding lawnmower as it allows you to sit on it and mow a great area of the lawn at a time. In this type of mower, you will find varieties like rear engine riders, lawn tractors, garden tractors, and zero-turn mowers.

One of the best mowers to cover a large area in a shorter time is the tow-behind mower which can help in mowing your golf course or handling the overgrown field. It includes varieties like gang reel mowers, train mowers, and trail cutters.

3. Gas or Electric

Another important factor to consider is whether you want to go for a gas mower or electric mower. A gas mower will provide you a longer runtime and more power than an electric one but will require more maintenance.

On the other hand, an electric mower can come in both corded and cordless version and will be easier to use.

If you use a cordless lawn mower (if you don’t make sure you read a lot of reviews first), you would need to ensure you have two batteries so that your mower won’t stop in between but if you have a corded mower, you will need to take care of the cord length.

4. Push or Self-propelled

This is yet another feature that you will need to consider when buying a lawn mower for yourself. You could either go for a push mower which as the name suggests would require you to push it around the lawn for it to work properly, else you can consider a self-propelled mower.

Push or Self-propelled

A self-propelled mower will do the work itself without you needing to push it around and will do the job quickly and efficiently. You would need to choose between two-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive. An all-wheel-drive mower is easier to use in the inclines but is heavier and little difficult to handle.

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