Delecious and Easy to Make Chicken Nachos for the Kids

Nearly seven million American children come home from school to an empty house, clamoring for a quick, appetizing snack only to settle for junk food. But instead of reaching for the sweets during those cool after-school days or hot summer nights, kids can put on the chef’s hat and prepare their own easy, tasty snacks that are just as satisfying.

Kids often shy away from preparing anything other than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because it’s too difficult and time-consuming. But there is a wide variety of products available at the grocery store, like Tyson refrigerated, fully-cooked chicken and steak strips, which simplify the snack- and meal-making process for kids. The strips go from package to plate in minutes making it easy to prepare kid-favorite snacks and meals such as pizza, tacos, and pasta. These well-balanced, do-it-yourself options are high in protein and have zero grams trans-fat, so parents can feel good about providing kids with a wholesome alternative to help power them through their active days.

chicken nacho 2

With snack and meal ideas like these, children can come home and reach for something other than the usual suspects instead preparing a delicious snack on their own. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even graduate to making family dinners.

Fiesta Chicken Nachos

Fiesta Chicken Nachos

11/4 cups Tyson® Southwest Seasoned Chicken Breast Strips

1 bag (10 oz.) tortilla chips

2 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese

1. Layer chips, cheese and chicken strips on a large, microwave-safe plate.

2. Microwave on High for 30 to 45 seconds or until cheese melts.

Serving Suggestion: Serve with pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream. Refrigerate leftovers.

Chicken Tacos Olé

Chicken Tacos Olé

1 package (6 oz.) Tyson® Refrigerated Fajita Chicken Breast Strips

4 taco shells

1/2 cup shredded cheese

Shredded lettuce

1. Heat chicken strips and taco shells according to package directions.

2. Fill shells with meat, cheese, and lettuce.

Serving Suggestion: Other toppings can include diced tomato, jalapeno peppers, salsa and sour cream. Refrigerate leftovers.

4 best ideas about Laptop Lunch

Four new lunches for you:

laptop lunch 1

Chocolate zucchini muffin, thawing
— Broccoli, hummus; ham and cheese sandwich on multigrain bread
— Mixed berries (blueberries T & I picked, plus some raspberries).

laptop lunch 2

— Cucumber and tomato slices
— Blackberries and a strawberry
— Sandwich.

laptop lunch 3

— Muffin
— Wings (the sauce is just butter mixed with a local bottled hot sauce)
— Berries.

laptop lunch 4

— Grape tomatoes sandwich
— Peach (the box wouldn’t close, so I wound up having to slice it afterward)
— Peanuts
— Sushi rice car, made with an egg mold.…

Bento – Eggplant gratin with tomatoes and feta cheese

At noon, I ate the same bento but presented differently. When I pulled it out of the microwave, my colleagues squinted at it and said it looked good. Since I had not taken a picture, I thought I would do it again for the blog and incidentally for me … There are many foods that I like in this bento, I hope You will like also!

eggplant bento 1

First floor:

Grated carrots and corn with sauce in the container! And some raisins for energy …


On the second floor:

An aubergine gratin with tomato and feta, just delicious … With flowers of pine nuts for decoration.


On the third floor:

A cake with snacks (my favorite!) And a clementine


eggplant bento 2


Gratin of Eggplant tomatoes and feta cheese


eggplant bento 3


Ingredients (for 4 people):

– 2 eggplants
– 1 can of peeled tomatoes
– 1/2 onion
– 1 clove of garlic
– 150g of feta

– laurel
– olive oil
– salt, pepper
– thyme

The preparation:

Cut the eggplants lengthwise into slices of about 1 cm. Steam them until they are “soft”.

Preheat oven to 6.

In a saucepan, add olive oil to brown the sliced onions. Add tomatoes herbs, crushed garlic clove, a pinch of sugar, salt, and pepper. Simmer for about 20 min and add the feta at the end of cooking.

In a gratin dish or 4 individual dishes, arrange alternately a layer of eggplant and a layer of tomatoes with feta …

Put in the oven for 30 min.

eggplant bento 4